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Spouses’ Rights and Duties – Family Assistance Obligations and Reflections of the New Art. 570 encore c.p.

JUNE 21, 2018 – NOON – 4 P.M.

Families enlarged horizontally and natural children, as life changes today.

It must be returned to their biological parents, a couple who live in Monferrato, their legitimate daughter born in 2010 and who was taken from his birth because Gabriella Carsano, who gave birth in Turin, now 57 years old and her husband Luigi Deambrosis, 69, had been considered elderly and unfit after being wrongly accused of abandoning her in the car for four minutes.

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Adriana Boscagli reflects on the evolution of this delicate legal segment, both broad and complex.

The balance of roles between husband and wife, which have achieved a domestic and social parity.

There is now very little chance that a father has of escaping the emerging obligations from an out-of-wedlock

The law changes with the family

The daily challenge for a lawyer “to learn every day and listen to his client with his head, heart and belly”. Meditating conflicts in the real interest of the parties involved, Adriana Boscagli reveals how she loves her profession

The most beautiful profession