Families enlarged horizontally and natural children, as life changes today, VIPs and ordinary people: the Woods always fights for everyone and without sparing

There is a new and not always cheerful air that pulls today in the field of separations.
The announcement of an ISTAT report that captures an effect of shared custody: the poorest after a farewell would be women, of which one in four in the first two years after the event is at risk of poverty or “deprivation” (one in six of the men).

In short, the radical and often sudden change in their family condition generates effects “relevant to their economic condition” and the more at risk of hardship are women who paid rent, but also those who had the dwelling in use or in use and who did not have a job or who were employed part-time.

The lawyer Adriana Boscagli, one of the most appreciated professionals of the forum in Italy, known since the battles for the affirmation of Mac Donald’s in Italy in the early nineties and more recently protagonist of egregious legal battles, such as that between the Knight Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara and Katherine Price.

Also famous for reaching agreements between the heirs of Carlo Caracciolo of Melito and the peace made for the hereditary division of the Mondadori brothers, the lawyer is among the most experienced civilists in family law, inheritances and intellectual property protection and has not coincideously focused his attention also in the protection of the rights of children or the rights of children for which he fights without sparing.

Attorney of VIP divorces, but also of many ordinary people, who support not only as legal, but also as a coach, Boscagli is aware that in recent years the concept of family has changed: the phenomenon of the extended family horizontally has emerged, that is, composed of several nuclei that intertwine with second/third marriages or livelihoods.

The latest regulatory developments have then brought down the complex residual of natural children, who with greater energy and less discomfort seek the natural parent and claim the rights related to their status. Cases of disreavought and recognition of paternity and actions to reassemble the hereditary axis are becoming more frequent.

In an ever-changing landscape such as the one outlined, the lawyer Boscagli has been able to accompany the experience in the field, an extensive preparation in civil law and in the procedural law for the conduct of the trial and to always keep in the foreground the possibility of reaching a wise reasonable settlement agreement that necessarily Coptic different fields of law.

An example: the resolution of a judgment involving a complex hereditary axis may involve the distribution of shares in the stock exchange, the management of contracts, the comparison with trusts or foundations, the search for legitimate coerdes in every part of the world, the occurrence of unrecognized children.

With a well-established experience of private international law, with which he addresses the issues related to unions between people of different nationalities, more and more frequent in a world that knows no more boundaries, the dynamic professional of the forum is convinced in short that the lawyer should never be found unprepared and that he should never lose the humility of the study , learn and listen. These skills must go hand in hand with curiosity and passion for their work and an essential sense of justice.